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  • Surviving in times of drought. How plants do it?

      Text: Luise Granig This article appeared in the February 2018 Newsletter of the Johannesburg Succulent Society and are reprinted with their permission. I can imagine that most of us have asked that question when we’ve visited a region that is as dry as anything. Somehow, miraculously, the plants survive. Ok, they don’t grow fast. […]

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  • Flowering Right Now – February 2018

    Buck Hemenway, Chairman of the Calitzdorp Succulent Society, shared some pictures of the succulents currently flowering in the Hemenways’ garden. These are indigenous to South Africa and while they are obviously happy to bloom in mid-summer in the garden, they are not necessarily all considered summer blooming plants. The Adenium comes from Mpumalanga which is […]

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  • Plant of the Month – Feb 2018

    Portulacaria afra (Jacquin 1786) Spekboom (Pork Bush) Elephant’s food, isiCococo (Zulu) iGqwanitsha (Xhoza) This plant is very popular among succulent collectors and growers, worldwide and is often used for bonsai. It has now been shown to be effective in carbon sequestration (binding atmospheric carbon which is responsible for climate change), in semi-arid landscapes and thicket […]

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