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  • Flowering Right Now – March 2018

    Check out these beauties we found flowering in the Klein Karoo in the last couple of days. Remember to keep your eyes open and your cameras handy and send us pictures of the succulents you find in bloom in your area.

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  • Surviving in times of drought. How plants do it?

      Text: Luise Granig This article appeared in the February 2018 Newsletter of the Johannesburg Succulent Society and are reprinted with their permission. I can imagine that most of us have asked that question when we’ve visited a region that is as dry as anything. Somehow, miraculously, the plants survive. Ok, they don’t grow fast. […]

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  • Plant of the Month – Mar 2018

    Euphorbia gamkensis (Marx 1999) Calitzdorp Euphorbia Our own Calitzdorp Euphorbia. Euphorbis gamkensis grows a large, more or less cylindrical underground caudex that may exceed 6 cm in diameter. Above-ground, a few rows of outwardly pointing thick, succulent stems grow on the often flat green top of the caudex. The outer row of stems are the […]

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