Expert Talk – Book Launch – Lithops in Habitat and Cultivation

Book Launch – Lithops in Habitat and Cultivation by Roy A. Earle and Janice E. Round
Expert Talk – Roy A. Earle
Saturday, 18 September – 11:00
Calitzdorp NG Church



This is a free event. No booking required.


We are hoping for an in-person introduction of this book by the author at Vetplantfees 2021. Dr. Earle is making plans to be at the festival and give a firsthand presentation of the book at 11:00 on Saturday 18 September. If, due to travel restrictions on account of Covid-19, He is not able to be at the festival, festival staff will present the book along with its chief illustrator, Janet Snyman.

This book represents the culmination of several avenues of study on Lithops. It presents a complete representation of the currently recognized taxa, described wonderfully, and illustrated both by photographs and beautiful Illustrations. The description of taxa is fine-tuned by the pictures of seed and illustrations of the differences between some similar plants in their seed. It details the conservation efforts of the foundation. The author describes the best ways of growing lithops in cultivation and goes further by talking about the most advantageous ways to present them at shows.

This is by far the most complete monograph on Lithops that has been published to date. It is available online and will be available for purchase at the festival with the savings of shipping charges, and of course an inscription by the author.

Dr. Earle is a veterinary medicine doctor, receiving his degree from Rhodes University in 1985. He moved to the UK and in 2001 opened Amicus Veterinary Centre. He has taken his love for Lithops to Namibia where he founded and runs Lithops Research & Conservation Foundation. He has published numerous research papers on Lithops all of which are referenced on the web site