Expert Talk: Louis Jordaan – Exploring Nature – Looking with New Eyes

Louis Jordaan – Exploring Nature – Looking with New Eyes
Expert Talk – Louis Jordaan
Saturday 21 September – 11:00


This is a free event. No booking required.

To the uninformed nature is a closed book and even those familiar with the natural environment often encounter unknown areas or aspects which they would like to learn more about. Indeed, each plant, animal and object, although seemingly insignificant, is a treasure chest of secrets and ‘stories’ waiting to be explored. During this presentation, an interpretative virtual nature tour, many such secrets are unveiled and ‘stories’ concerning a variety of creatures of nature are told. At the same time, the audience is awakened to the rich diversity of life around us, as well as our responsibility to cherish this wonderful inheritance.

Louis Jordaan is a nature guide and environmental educator. He is an interpreter, a ‘storyteller’, unveiling a wealth of ‘stories’ (facts, interpretations, explanations, uses, superstitions, etc.) of plants and other creatures and objects of nature. Louis also provides nature lovers with knowledge and skills which allow them to discover and unravel secrets and mysteries that may require a more expert and trained ‘eye’ – he guides people to observe with all their senses, and to understand what they have discovered.

As Fiona McIntosh puts it, “This man brings the veld to life…”*

*Fiona McIntosh; Southbound Guide to South Africa’s World Heritage Sites: Cape Floral Region Protected Areas; 30° South Publishers; Johannesburg; 2006.