• Vetplantfees

    The Vetplantfees is an annual event hosted by the Calitzdorp Succulent Society to provide a showcase for the beautiful and rare succulents from South Africa and those from other parts of the world. Succulent enthusiasts who visit Calitzdorp during the festival will be able to immerse themselves in a range of activities to discover the […]

  • Euphorbia Gamkensis

    Our Society is very concerned about conservation of the veld. There are many forces at work to destroy habitat for the plants and animals that live there. Certain farming techniques, building of human habitations, road building and illegal collection of rare specimens are contributing to the gradual decline of the plants that we care for. […]

  • Demonstration Garden

    The Calitzdorp Succulent Society is in the process of building a demonstration garden at the Calitzdorp Station – the venue for the 2017 Vetplantfees planned for September 2017. The garden will be a showcase for the succulents found in the Klein Karoo and the broader South Africa and will offer visitors to Calitzdorp and the […]