Our Mission

Taking the succulents of the Klein Karoo to the public and the world.

The Calitzdorp Succulent Society endeavors to establish working and co-operation agreements with a range of stakeholders to assist in educating and promoting the conservation and preservation of the succulent plants of the Klein Karoo to the general public. To this end, the society will affiliate with other organisations within South Africa and around the world as a means of furthering the goals of the Society.


The society undertakes to develop a continuing dialogue with local landowners and farmers in the Klein Karoo to help them understand the value of the succulent plants on their land and facilitate their preservation. The society will also engage with local municipalities and other stakeholders to preserve succulent plants that may be in the way of public development.

Public Education

It is the aim of the society to educate the public with regards to the value of succulent plants in the local environment, by means of exhibitions, garden tours and demonstration gardens and a range of activities that will include the organisation of an annual festival, talks, hands-on classes by local experts and the dissemination of information through the internet and social media.

Monthly Meetings

For the immediate community, the society will be a resource to assist with the beautification of the town of Calitzdorp through the use of succulent plants in the gardens in and around the town. Local members will benefit from the monthly meetings to be conducted and the hands-on information that will be disseminated during these meetings.