Observing the creatures of Nature properly encompasses much more than looking at lots of animals and masses of flowers. Also more than only looking at big animals and plants. Even identifying plants and animals, including birds, in most cases doesn’t really require proper observation.

In this presentation the audience will be shown that proper observation requires much more than mere looking. It requires certain skills, such as knowing where to look, how to look and to interpret what one is looking at. Furthermore, one should observe with all the senses. Coupled with the intellectual skill of interpretation this will make any excursion in the natural environment an adventure.

In short, the audience will be shown how to observe Nature with intelligence!

Expert Talk – Louis Jordaan

Friday, 15 September 2023 at 14:00

This is a free event. No booking required.


Louis Jordaan is the owner of Minwater which is a eco tourist farm south of Oudtshoorn where one can learn about and see hundreds of species of succulent plants.
Louis is a nature guide and environmental educator. He is an interpreter, a ‘storyteller’, unveiling a wealth of ‘stories’ (facts, interpretations, explanations, uses, superstitions, etc.) of plants and other creatures and objects of nature. Louis also provides nature lovers with knowledge and skills which allow them to discover and unravel secrets and mysteries that may require a more expert and trained ‘eye’ – he guides people to observe with all their senses, and to understand what they have discovered.

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