The festival has invited Emily to give us the current situation on plant conservation with emphasis on succulent plants in South Africa. We will continue to discuss conservation and in particular plant poaching as it affects us as plant hobbyists. Her talk will be on the National response Strategic and Action plan to address the illegal succulent trade in South Africa and what SANBI are doing to conserve the succulents in South Africa. We are happy to have a front-line participant in the war against illegal plant trade once again at Vetplantfees.

Expert Talk – Emily Kudze

Saturday, 16 September 2023 at 12:30

This is a free event. No booking required.



Emily handles the administration and reporting that needs to be done in accordance with the NRSAP (National Response Strategic and Action Plan). She is dealing with the different stakeholders and reporting back to DFFE, SANBI and WWF on progress made.

She completed her BSc in Conservation Biology from the University of Venda, a BSc Hons in Wildlife Management (Stable isotope analysis on Gerbils in the Free State Province) and has a MSc degree in Wildlife Management, awarded for a project that was investigating the distribution of bats in Ghana, from the University of Pretoria.

She spent a couple of months in the Succulent Karoo, Goegap Nature Reserve, assisting in the Bush Karoo Rat Project to understand how the Bush Karoo Rat has adapted to the extreme weather in the Succulent Karoo. During her time in the Succulent Karoo, she was exposed to  the Goegap nature reserve ‘s struggles with poaching.

Emily has worked on a variety of projects including finalising the African Biodiversity Challenge 2 Project funded by the JRS Biodiversity Foundation that saw her managing and organising two workshops, in Ghana and Rwanda respectively, and assisted in the publication of Rwanda’s first Spatial Biodiversity Assessment.

She has a passion for wildlife conservation, biodiversity, and sustainable development. Emily is looking forward to applying her extensive knowledge of conservation practices to protect both fauna and flora, mainstreaming biodiversity information products’ inclusion in policy and contributing to the achievement of sustainable development goals. Emily is grateful for the role she will play in tackling the illegal succulent trade and ready to help the team address any challenges

She is grateful for SANBI and WWF for appointing her in this role and especially to WWF for the funding. Hopefully with extra capable hands we can win the fight against the poaching of our succulents.

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