Expert Talk – Sue Milton-Dean PhD
Invasive Plants in the Veld
Monday 25 September 11:00

Dr. Milton-Dean is one of the world’s leading experts on Karoo veld and its restoration. She and her husband Dr. Richard Dean PhD are associates of the South African Environmental Observation Network that collects long term data on environmental change in South Africa. Sue and Richard have also established a business (Renu-Karoo) which specializes in supply of advice, seed and plants for Karoo restoration. They are authors of books and publications on the ecology, flora and fauna of the Karoo and have a plant nursery in Prince Albert which specializes in pelargoniums and Karoo plants.

Sue will speak to us about invasive plants in the Karoo, with emphasis on Cacti, with a focus on their ability to jump garden fences and spread into natural veld, particularly in the Karoo and arid savanna areas. We show that many indigenous animals have discovered cacti and are moving them about the landscape. We will discuss why the spread of cacti in natural vegetation is a problem for urbanites, farmers and nature conservation authorities alike, and how the problem can be addressed. The talk will be well illustrated with photographs of cacti in a Karoo context.

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