Plant of the Month – May 2017

H. truncata var. maughanii (Fearn 1966) A form of truncata in which the leaves are more rounded as seen from the end and the rosettes are more rosette in form, rather that distichous. Mainly found in the Calitzdorp area.

Haworthia truncata (Schoenland 1910) AKA: Horse Teeth/Perdetande.

Distributed in the eastern Klein Karoo. The plants bloom in late winter to early spring. Flowers are born on an up to 200mm inflorescence. They are white with brownish veins. The plants are found in locations throughout the eastern part of the Klein Karoo, with very large populations east of Oudtshoorn.

H. truncata var. truncata grows in a distichous (fan-shaped) form. The leaves are quite fleshy growing in a single flat shaped (distichous) rosette. Most of the plant is growing below the surface. We see only the ends (windows) of the leaves.

The ends are elongated with shapes varying from squared off edges to rounded ends. We have a number of populations in the Calitzdorp area.

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