Vetplantfees in full swing.

After months of planning, the Calitzdorp Vetplantfees is now in full swing and are surpassing all our expectations. Eager shoppers literally besieged our plant vendors the moment the festival opened this morning.

The rare and exotics went first and one of the vendors sold out within two hours, while plant stock at the Calitzdorp Succulent Society’s table was reduced to less than 20% during the same time.

So quickly did most of the available plants disappear, that our vendors are scrambling to find ways of replenishing their stocks for the next two days. We are expecting to have full vendor tables by Sunday morning.

As for the Veld Walks, these have been totally booked out before the festival even started. Two additional walks were added for Saturday and Sunday with the idea of selling the tickets during the festival, but both walks were immediately sold out.

Our expert talks are also well attended and tickets are still available. The talks are fee and we will try to accommodate as many people as possible. Simply make sure you are seated at starting time.

As it is our first festival, we hope to receive your feedback on how to improve and grow the festival. Talk to one of our Club Members during the festival with your ideas, or send us your feedback via email to

The next Vetplantfees will take place in Calitzdorp from 22 – 24 September 2018. Help us spread the word: tell someone.





  1. Marah Oosthuizen says

    Ons het dit geniet. Sal lekker wees as dit elke jaar gehou word.

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