Meet The Authors

The 2024 Vetplantfees is proud to have 2 book authors in attendance whose work has added knowledge to the hobby of appreciating succulent plants and their neighbors in the veld. Please go to the shed at the Station to visit these two wonderful creators of educational material on our favorite subject.

Dr. Ernst van Jaarsveld

Dr. Ernst van Jaarsveld: latest book is on waterwise gardening and will soon prove to be a top seller in garden related books. He will be at the Authors table on and off during the weekend.

Detlef Schnabel

His first book on succulent plants is a masterpiece. Information and beautiful photos of plants in the veld are in the book. The title, “Succulent Plants of the Southeastern Karoo” shows the specific area that Detlef studied and recorded for the publication. He has included some very insightful articles on various subjects surrounding the definitions and descriptions of plants that we call “Succulent”.

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