Demonstration Garden

The Calitzdorp Succulent Society is in the process of building a demonstration garden at the Calitzdorp Station – the venue for the 2017 Vetplantfees planned for September 2017.

The garden will be a showcase for the succulents found in the Klein Karoo and the broader South Africa and will offer visitors to Calitzdorp and the Calitzdorp Station the opportunity to see these plants in one place. The garden will help raise awareness for the conservation and preservation of these succulents and provide visitors with an insight as to how succulents can be used in a domestic garden.

Development of the garden is planned for May to September 2017 and will be funded by donations of cash, materials and labour from club members and other interested parties.

The garden will be open to the public when the Calitzdorp Station is open for business and entrance is free.

Kim Verlinde
Clifford Maclarty
Yvonne Hemenway
Buck Hemenway
Hein Julies
Jako Voges
Brigitte Monard
Maryth Meise
Michael Archer (Calitzdorp Station)
Cheryl de Villiers (Calitzdorp Station)
Klokkie Fourie (Topsoil)