Photo Feedback: Veld Walk – Sunday 14 May 2017

As a society, we are proud to provide feedback on our very first veld walk this past Sunday (14 May 2017). More than 20 participants of all ages departed from the Naked Lady Pub in Rand street towards the southern slope of Jakkalskop to see what the veld has to offer after a particularly dry and hot summer. The cooler weather provided the ideal conditions to explore the veld, and with the small amount of rain, we received in the week prior to the walk, the veld exhibit signs of recovery. To find and explore the very smallest of succulents, the participants spend quite a lot of time close to the ground. Our succulent experts were on hand to help identify each find and to provide some insights as to how the succulents survive and thrive in the hills around Calitzdorp.

For photos, click here.

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