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Name the Plant – Now Live!

A rare opportunity presents itself for those who have everything. Ideal for a loved one on an anniversary or birthday. It is the chance win the right to name a new plant, previously not known to botanical science.

The right to name the new plant will be awarded to the highest bidder and the name chosen by the winning bidder will be permanently part of the botanical binomial or scientific name of this plant.

The plant is a parasite in the genus Cytinus. The name of the plant will be Cytinus [winning bidders choice of name here].

The auction will be hosted onĀ and only bids submitted on this platform will be considered.

To participate, bidders must visit and search for “Cytinus”.

The auction will end on 12 October 2017 at 15:30 CAT(Central African Time).

The highest bidder will receive:
1. The right to permanently name this new, previously unknown plant.
2. An original botanical painting of the plant that will include the name. The painting will be shipped in November 2017.
3. An original signed copy of the description of the plant which will be published by the Botanical Gardens in a peer reviewed scientific journal shipped as soon as the peer review process is complete.

For details, click here.

The proceeds from this auction will benefit the Garden Route Botanical Garden Trust, George South Africa and the Calitzdorp Succulent Society, Calitzdorp South Africa – both of which are not for profit organisations in South Africa.

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